Geoff Macdonald - the 'blind' artist

Geoff was born in West High Street Salford in 1950.

He was educated at Salford Grammar School and then went on to graduate at Leeds School of Town Planning in 1972.

After graduating he worked for a short period with a Private Consultancy before joining a Local Authority Planning Department.   During this period he worked throughout the UK, in Europe and for a year in the North West Frontier of Pakistan.
The majority of his career was spent as Director of Planning for Tesco and latterly ASDA.

In 1998 a genetic defect resulted in the loss of 90% of eyesight in both eyes.
Geoff has no "central vision" however has retained some peripheral vision, though this is "blurred".   In 1999 Geoff had to stop working as his eyesight had deteriorated to the point that he was registered as blind.

Geoff took up painting as a "protest"... his paintings are eclectic memories of climbing days in The Highlands, the Northern Landscapes  and of course of his childhood in Salford - anything which sparks his imagination.

In 2012 Mike Baggs, the owner of the AC Gallery Huddersfield put on an exhibition of Geoff's work and "BBC Look North" interviewed Geoff - click on video to view

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To discuss or order a painting:

call Geoff direct on 07518 97 25 42
email and your message will be read to him.

Should you prefer your painting to be of a different size or even a request for a slightly different painting again please contact Geoff to discuss.

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